No Worries Comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Program

Mobile Maintenance tracks, schedules and performs fleet preventive maintenance onsite, 24/7.  All service records, and inspections are maintained electronically.  Mobile Maintenance crews have the capability to service an entire Frac Crew during scheduled off time between jobs.  We come prepared to perform inspections and maintenance at times most advantageous to you. Keeping PM compliance up-to-date and within your company’s standards–and without downtime.

Heads Up

The Mobile Maintenance Critical Discrepancy Report is a crucial piece of information that describes conditions that, left unattended, could cause equipment damage, DOT violations, or personal injury.  When identified, a copy of this report is left onsite, and might prompt optional notification via phone or email to a fleet manager or mechanic.  Our service goal is to provide increased PM compliance, improved internal audits, reduced DOT violations, ensure safe equipment with fewer breakdowns.  Day or night, in your yard, or at well sites,  Mobile Maintenance can manage all of your preventive maintenance requirements.

Hassle free peace of mind

We understand, a vehicle not working….is one not working for YOU. At Mobile Maintenance, we service 24/7, year round, at times most convenient for you.  We reduce downtime and comply with your company’s specific PM requirements.  Industry experience allows us to provide a no cost equipment analysis from which we can customize our services to meet requirements of your fleet and equipment.  We provide service and inspections aligned with your corporate standards.

For added convenience, we create, update, and maintain a database on every piece of equipment in our service-tracking history. We can provide you with our Customer Detail Report, which outlines all the services performed by date and mileage, or hours. At Mobile Maintenance, we can also track and schedule all of your services. Mobile Maintenance technicians are expertly trained to offer in-depth inspections, fluid and filter changes, and air-brake inspections, along with other key preventive maintenance solutions. A copy of all inspections and a report that details any conditions which could result in injury, property damage, mechanical failure, or DOT violations will be left on site for your immediate review.