Demand for a more complete maintenance solution

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Mobile Maintenance is the only service company in the industry that offer a solution to every obstacle that you have to deal with. High Level preventive maintenance is necessary but time consuming. Mobile Maintenance is a superior option to complete maintenance on time and get the equipment back on the job. Our CO2 radiator cleaning process for radiator maintenance is effective without creating an unnecessary mess. Given the harsh conditions that fracequipment operates in our preventive maintenance reduces the hidden cost of downtime in addition to practically eliminating expensive part replacement.

  • Mobile PM Service

  • Mobile Mechanics

  • Radiator Cleaning

  • Full Service Repair Shop

  • Fluid Top Off Services

Mobile PM Service

We all know that when equipment breaks down it costs a lot more than the repair bill. Time out of service is unnecessarily expensive. Our preventive maintenance team is talented, timely, convenient and cost effective. We perform mobile preventive maintenance at your location or ours using experienced technicians who adhere to ISO 9001 specifications.

Mobile Mechanics

Even well-maintained equipment can break down. When it does we know how to fix it right the first time saving you significant opportunity costs that accompany equipment failures. All our mechanics are Caterpillar and Cummins certified and all of them drive full service trucks with diagnostic software.

Radiator Cleaning

Treat your equipment to state of the art radiator cleaning. No muss. No fuss. No kidding. You are never going to want this done the old fashioned way again.Try it! We perform radiator cleaning at your site with a non-abrasive process that is virtually mess free. After cleaning we generate a velocity report to show the improved flow.

Full Service Repair Shop

An ugly scenario is having equipment sitting in a repair shop for extended periods of time. That doesn’t have to be the case. Our experienced, well-trained mechanics understand how important it is to get you back in business. Our frac mechanics are dedicated to completing repairs quickly and returning equipment to the field. We keep a large parts inventory to prevent unnecessary costly wait time.

Fluid Top Off Services

Comprehensive report of fluid consumption per unit & utility to help stay current on maintenance schedule Allows customer to be proactive when preventing breakdowns during the job. Our employees go the extra mile and periodically top off all the fluids in your equipment.